At Freedom Care we aim to offer person-centered care for adults with learning disabilities and mental health care needs. Our motto “a posse ad esse” – “from possibility to actuality” – cannot happen without having the right people on board to help us. So, what kind of people do we look for when recruiting for Freedom Care?

The Staff page on our website introduces the lovely people who currently work at Freedom Care’s specialist care homes. What kind of a person does it take to provide quality care services to those with complex health needs? As you can see, we have a diverse and varied staff team with a wealth of experience and skills. You will find people with qualifications in Health and Social Care, Nursing, Social Work, and a wide range of specialisms in the fields of mental health care and learning difficulties. Many of our staff have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Health and Social Care. This nationally recognised qualification proves you can deliver health and social care to a required standard. You will learn how to deliver an excellent level of care and create a safe and healthy environment for yourself and those you care for. There are more than 100 recognised NVQ awarding organisations offering NVQ courses in the UK, and you can find out more about the NVQ in Health and Social Care here.

But it is not just qualifications that we look for when recruiting for Freedom Care. As the testimonies on our website show, we are looking for very special people. One family says that “the quality and dedication of the staff at Freedom Care is far better than anywhere else previously experienced”.  We need special people who will make that difference, who will go the extra mile to provide the best possible high quality care for our service users.

If you feel that a career in caring might be the right choice for you then we wish you every success!  If you are specifically interested in working at Freedom Care there is an application form on the Staff page on this website, so fill that in and send it to us so that we can see if working at Freedom Care might be a good fit for you. If not, we hope that wherever you do work you will help to spread the Freedom Care message “from possibility to actuality”.

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