We often talk about the special talents of people with Autism and Aspergers

If Autism and Aspergers helps make someone who they are, and experts agree this is likely, it is clearly often a gift to the artistic world.

Take the case of Tim Burton…

Although he has never had a formal diagnosis, Tim Burton and spouse Helena Bonham Carter both believe the director, famous for his quirky and eccentric films, may have Aspergers, or at least that he falls within the autism spectrum.

While Bonham Carter was researching for a role where she played mother to several autistic boys, she recognised traits shared by her husband, saying in an interview that, “While making this drama, I realised he has a bit of Asperger’s in him. You start recognising the signs.”

Also, according to the Daily Mail Burton himself reportedly said to his wife while they were watching a documentary that the description given of autism was largely how he felt as a child. In fact, he claims Edward Scissorhands, his first film, is somewhat autobiographical, as it describes his life on the margins during his childhood.


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