We like to do everything we can to make our service users time with us special. This can mean anything from trips out to ensuring they get their favourite meals.

However sometimes we find something out about a special interest or wish to do something and just have to go that extra mile to make their dreams come true.

A few months ago James Punch who works here at Freedom Care found out that one of our service users, Thomas, absolutely loves Wolf from Gladiators and he spent lots of time over the past 3 months or so literally hunting Wolf down.

He messaged his Facebook pages, friends he has on the pages, family and the gyms that he owns. Finally he managed to get in contact with him and his wife and they were very happy to help with James’ request.

Wolf posted some signed photographs, a letter and a limited edition t-shirt, that you can only get from his personal gym in New Zealand, out to us and it just so happened that everything arrived on the service users birthday, what luck!

Most importantly though Wolf sent over a 22 second video clip. We have pasted the clip below but please also take a look at the clip of Thomas seeing the clip for the first time. It made all the hard work hunting Wolf down worth it for James to see the look on his face. Moments like this are what make each and every one of us here at Freedom Care so proud to do the work we do.

PS. Special thanks to James for going the extra mile and doing this and a massive thanks to Wolf for taking the time to send everything to Thomas.

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