Aspergers was first noted in 1944 by an Austrian Physician called Hans Asperger, this was the first time in history that a description of the disorder was created. Today it’s known as either Asperger’s Syndrome, or Asperger’s disorder, and is classed as a less severe type of autism. It’s usually most recognisable in children or teenagers and there are several characteristics that can be recognised including the following:

  • Eccentric behavior

  • Poor social skills

  • Prefer being on their own

It is, however important for parents to understand that just because their child show certain signs, does not automatically mean they are aspergic. It is always advised that, should you suspect your child is showing certain symptoms, that you seek a professional.

Complex health needs, in this case Aspergers, can have varying degrees of symptom. Even though trained  psychologists and psychotherapists can now diagnose Asperger’s much more accurately than ever before, the medical profession are some time away from deciphering the causes of the disorder and why it presents itself differently from person to person.

There are many UK based specialist care services that can be contacted for further information, specifically on this type of syndrome, however if you would like to talk to one of our professionals about this or any other topic please contact us here.

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