Families who have a child with complex health needs like autism or aspergers syndrome, have to deal with many difficult situations. It is not just the parents who will feel the pressure, siblings can also be affected. A brother or sister may find it difficult dealing with a sibling suffering from this type of disorder.


The siblings of children with complex health needs may be teased by other children about their brother or sister’s mental health, they may also experience a lack of privacy as children with autism or aspergers do not have the same social instincts as others. There can also be quite a lot of disruption within the home, children with these types of disorders naturally take more of a parent’s attention, this can lead to a sibling feeling resentment towards their brother or sister. As siblings get older it maybe that they worry they will have to look after their sibling if their parents are unable to.

Research has shown, however that siblings with brothers or sisters with mental health needs, have grown up to be much more accepting of individuals and their differences.

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