At Freedom Care, amongst our specialist care services is the high quality care provided to those suffering with the challenges of Aspergers Syndrome. Children with complex health needs such as Aspergers can find it particularly difficult as they often experience problems with ‘fitting in’. Understanding the implication of Asperger’s Syndrome can bring a greater level of compassion and acceptance for those with the condition.

Here are some traits and behavior patterns commonly seen with Aspergers:

  • Most people with Asperger’s Syndrome are of average or above average intelligence.

  • They have excellent thinking skills where things are concerned but are extremely poor at interpreting human relationships.

  • Intense preoccupations often centre on certain toys or areas of interest. Common obsessions are dinosaurs and forms of transport and how they work.

  • Eye contact is not understood or made use of.

  • The child may appear cold and uncaring but it is not deliberate. He does not think about others and cannot understand the social graces that keep society functioning.

  • It is possible to teach social skills but it is a long slow process and often requires parental intervention to repair social damage when they act inappropriately.

  • Children with Asperger’s Syndrome prefer routine and structure and can become irritable and distressed if the unexpected happens.

  • Gross and fine motor skills are often underdeveloped, causing problems in sports and balance.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome is often detected when a child starts preschool. He will generally interact better with his teacher than his peers and may display silly, loud, aggressive or socially withdrawn behaviour.

  • They find it hard to generalise. If taught that they shouldn’t hit a child at school, they do not automatically make the connection that they shouldn’t hit a child in the mall.

  • Children with Asperger’s Syndrome express their feelings in unpredictable ways. Sometimes they may seem emotionless and other times they may display extreme emotion that is not appropriate to the situation.

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