At Freedom Care we pride ourselves on providing the homeliest place that is available for our service users. We have the experience and facilities to provide specialist care services for those with complex health needs, but it is also very important to us to provide our service users with a real home.

Different people have different concepts of what “home” means. So we thought it would be interesting to outline in this article what home means to us at Freedom Care, and how we aim to make that a reality in all of our specialist care homes.

One of the main things about home is that it is a safe place. A place where you can feel totally at ease and just be yourself. Each of our specialist care homes has a bright fresh environment with either bedrooms or studios that can be decorated to suit the resident’s wishes. The remainder of the home is also tailored around the Service Users that reside there. We want our users to feel relaxed and able to express themselves and their preferences so that they truly can feel at home.

Home also needs to be a safe place in terms of your own personal security and that of your belongings. All our specialist care homes have carefully thought through security measures that are not intrusive but provide a sense of comfort to the residents. A recent blog featured our newest property The Chantry, which has state of the art security features including perimeter fencing, electronic gates, keypad entry and CCTV. These safety features enable residents to feel completely secure and able to enjoy their home.

Whether or not you have a happy home life also depends largely on the other people in your home. At Freedom Care we have a dedicated and committed staff with a wealth of experience and skills, who have been recruited from a wide range of settings. Every member of staff takes delight in their work and in providing high quality care to our residents. As well as the staff, we aim our service users to interact well with each other, and our specialist care homes therefore have communal areas, both indoors and outside, to facilitate this.

We like the old adage “a dog makes a house a home”, so we even have a Freedom Care family dog! Bracken Kinch is a Labrador cross, and is a regular visitor to the Freedom Care locations. She has a very calm and loving temperament and is wonderful at giving our Service Users a sense of well-being and stability.

So, what is your concept of home? If there is someone in your family who needs some kind of specialist care on a residential basis, what kind of home environment would you want for them? If your vision of home matches ours then get in touch today to see if we can turn that vision from possibility to actuality.

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