The signs of Autism usually appear before the tender age of three, with traits continuing into adulthood. Depending on the person these traits can vary in severity. At Freedom Care we provide a number of specialist care services including autism residential care and respite care for children with autism.

As asperger syndrome is a spectrum condition, we understand all sufferers share certain difficulties, but, each and every one of them can be affected by their condition in a variety ways. Some people with autism can live comparatively normal lives to those who may have their disorder accompanied by learning disabilities, resulting in them needing a lifetime of specialist support.

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disability, often referred to as high functioning autism, that affects how a person relates and communicates with others. This can influence their ability to intuitively acclimatise socially and ‘fit in’. They may experience over- or under-sensitivity to touch, sounds, smells, tastes, colours or light. In addition, imagination is limited, understanding of the world around them is implemented and language might be used in a stereotyped, stilted manner. However, as those with autism have no cognitive delay, their IQ is in the normal range or above average. We understand the three main areas of difficulties are socialisation, communication and imagination; this is know as ‘The triad of impairment’.

Possible features of autism:

  • Inability to understand other peoples needs, feelings and thoughts.

  • Speech and language difficulties

  • Impairment in use of non-verbal communication (for example, eye contact, facial expressions, body posture and gestures)

  • Apparent inability to make sense of the world around them

  • Repetitive behaviour

  • Obsessive interest in one subject/object

  • Difficulty in accepting changes in routine

  • Poor organisational skills and planning

  • Lack of imagination/creativity

Other conditions that may have autistic features:

  • Semantic Pragmatic Disorder

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)

  • Rett syndrome

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance

  • Global Developmental Delay (GDD)

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