The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) was created in 1952 to allow mental health professionals to communicate using common diagnostic language.  This guide has been update over the years as more has been discovered about individuals with complex health needs.  Some of the original concepts would shock today’s professionals with theories including autism as a type of childhood schizophrenia.  Thankfully as the understanding of mental health is evolving, so is the DSM, removing out of date views and introducing new disorders that are discovered.

Recently, some of the recommended changes to the document have been criticized.  Many medical professionals feel that the the re-categorisation of certain disorders could result in “inappropriate medical treatment”  In particular Professor Allen Frances has commented that the example used in the guide had become over-medicalised. The diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome alone has been removed from the latest version of the guide and now falls under a separate umbrella term “Autism spectrum disorder”

The publication of the DSM has had a mixed response with the  British Psychological Society (BPS) attacking the whole concept of the Guide.  The BPS said  “We believe that any classification system should begin from the bottom up – starting with specific experiences, problems, symptoms or complaints.”

However despite many negative feelings towards this, newer version, there are those medical professionals who are thoroughly behind the new manual.  While many can see its flaws the underlying principle is the fact that at present the DSM is the best way of defining and communicating about mental disorders.

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