Here at Freedom Care, as well as providing specialist care services for those with complex health needs such as autism, personality disorders, aspergers and learning disabilities with recognised autistic traits, we also offer quality care services to those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Living with a child with ADHD would be a challenge for anyone. The impulsive, fearless and chaotic behaviours typical of ADHD can make normal everyday activities exhausting and stressful.

There are many areas and situations which can use issues when your child has ADHD, including:

  • Getting your child to sleep at night

  • Arriving at school on time

  • Listening to and carrying out instructions

  • Social occasions

  • Shopping

It can be difficult if and when things go wrong but you have to remember that s/he can not help their behaviour; those with ADHD find it hard to suppress impulses so they do not stop to consider consequences before they act.

There are ways of coping:

  • Plan the day – routines can make a big difference

  • Set clear boundaries – make sure everyone knows what behaviour is expected and reinforce positive behaviour with immediate praise or rewards.

  • Be positive – give specific praise.

  • Give instructions – give brief instructions and be specific.

  • Create an incentive scheme for good behaviour – Set up your own incentive scheme using a points chart or star chart so good behaviour can earn a privilege

  • Intervene early – look for the warning signs!

  • Social situations – Keep social situations short and sweet.

  • Exercise – Make sure your child gets lots of physical activity during the day – at least 60 minutes!

  • Eating – If your child is hyperactive after eating certain foods keep a diary of these and discuss with your GP.

  • Bedtime – Stick to a routine!

  • Night time – Trying a sleep-friendly routine can help your child and make bedtime less of a battleground.

For more information about ADHD or to find out more about all of our services please get in touch.

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