In last week’s blog we looked at the person centered care that Freedom Care offers each individual in our care.  One of the users was quoted as saying that our specialist care services helped them “live my life”.  Also our recent update on Ashton King referred to his love of ponies and his dream of one day becoming a show jumper.

These hopes and aspirations are very important to us at Freedom Care!  We are proud to offer high quality care to people in our  specialist care homes and through doing this empower them to become everything that it is possible for them to be.  There may be some people who question the dreams of a young boy with complex health needs who wants to become a show jumper – but we will ensure that as far as quality health care goes he has every opportunity to succeed.

Many peoples’ views on this issue were influenced by the Paralympic Games in London 2012.  Some admittedly initially viewed the Paralympics as a second rate competition that was some kind of dutiful add-on to the “real” Olympics.  But how soon those views were changed by the determination and excellence of the inspiring athletes involved!  The enthusiasm and passion of both the athletes and the audience won media attention around the world.  The Gulf Daily of Bahrain summed up the mood of the time by saying that “the abiding legacy of London 2012 may not be the victories of the likes of Mo Farah or Bradley Wiggins, but the fundamental change in the way much of the world looks at disability” and that “the Paralympics have swiftly taught us to look beyond disability towards achievement”.

The philosophy of “looking beyond disability towards achievement” is at the very heart of everything we do at Freedom Care!  Our specialist care services are centered on the individual not the disability so that we can help them achieve whatever they are destined in life to do.

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