Don’t Let Autism Hold You Back - Specialist Care ServicesMore is known today about complex health needs like Autism and Aspergers, than ever before. For sufferers and those who care for them it can be a difficult time with many parents of children fearing that the symptoms will reduce the chances of a successful career. This week Freedom Care thought we would share with you some famous faces that suffer from these types of conditions yet have not let the symptoms get in the way of a successful career and a happy life.

Albert Einstein – From early school days, Einstein had difficulties in social interaction, and actually found it hard to learn new things that his fellow peers found easy to pick up.  He not only showed signs of Autism but symptoms of Asperger’s too, but this didn’t hold him back. Despite his social interaction difficulties which made it hard to find a job, he went on to become one of the most popular scientists of all time.

Amadeus Mozart – Believe it or not Mozart had difficulties in holding conversations, he often came across as impolite and showed frequent mood changes. From the written evidence seen in history it was said that he suffered from Asperger’s with symptoms of Autism too. Despite living an isolated life, out of choice, and a sensitive ear towards sound he became one of the most famous music composers of all time with excellent skills in playing the piano and violin during the classical period.

So you can see suffering from a mental health issue doesn’t need to restrict your life. As a primary care specialist for individuals with these types of disorders, Freedom Care understand that with the right support suffers can achieve a meaningful life.

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