One of our recent blogs focussed on our wonderful new specialist care home – The Chantry. The aim of the Chantry is to offer state of the art living accommodation that provides high quality care in an environment that is both relaxing and comfortable. This enables our residents to lead a happy and fulfilling life no matter what their disposition or diagnosis.

One of the many impressive features of The Chantry is its Sensory Room. Sensory Rooms offer space for people with complex health needs to relax and unwind in a calm, peaceful and safe environment. In this blog we want to explain more about what you might find in a Sensory Room and what the benefits are.

The Sensory Room at The Chantry was designed and installed by a company called Rompa, who are specialists in creating multi sensory environments. The products in our Sensory Room at The Chantry have been specifically chosen to benefit people needing mental health care for conditions such as Autism, Aspergers, Personality Disorders and Learning Difficulties. They include projectors, UV lighting, mirror ball, bubble tubes, magic sands, beanbags, fibre optic spray and spotlights. All products are controlled via a wireless “talking cube”. As well as controlling the products, this cube helps users to better understand cause and effect.

The whole idea behind a Sensory Room is to empower the user by giving them the tools to control the colours, sounds, aromas and images in their environment. This exploratory approach allows the individual to tailor the sensory room to suit their tastes, seeking out the sensory inputs that they enjoy and find beneficial. Sensory Rooms are relaxing spaces that help to reduce agitation and anxiety, but they can also engage and delight the user, stimulating reactions and encouraging communication.

At Freedom Care we have found that the Sensory Room fits very well with our mission to offer person-centered care to our users. Some of the following benefits to those that have used our Sensory Room so far are:

  • it stimulates the senses
  • it provides an alternative to medication and isolation
  • it increases functionality, awareness and attention
  • it improves appetite, memory, cognition and speech
  • it increases happiness
  • it encourages movement, range of motion and posture
  • it improves relationships
  • it decreases aggression, abuse, anxiety and wandering

At Freedom Care we are passionate about making possibility an actuality in the life of each and every person with complex health needs. We are therefore delighted to offer use of our Chantry Sensory Room to non-residents as well as residents. If you would like to use the Sensory Room or know of someone else who would then please do contact us today on 01163 669655.

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