Freedom Care - children with complex needsMental Health Care has been majorly covered in the press recently, however, as a specialist care service Freedom Care has found that there are also several facts about Autism in particular that the media is not covering.  This week we thought we would take this opportunity to share some with you from individuals with first hand experience.

Many of our articles have touched on the impact a children with complex needs, can have on the whole family, in particular the parents.  There are many different treatments and support that someone suffering from this type of disorder can undergo, however as a mother with a child with Autism, Holly Robinson-Peete expressed her concerns, “…the fact is so many likely will never be “recovered” and nothing, I mean nothing, makes a parent feel more guilty than thinking you could’ve “fixed” your kid but… well you didn’t or couldn’t afford to”.  As with all children it’s easy for parents to compare their own Autistic child to another, this can lead to frustration when one makes huge improvements, maybe even recovering completely, while the other doesn’t.

Autism isn’t genetic and can affect individuals in different ways with some experiencing severe symptoms, as we too are individuals it makes sense that the disorder will affect everyone differently.  It’s important not to get hung up on progress as Holly explains: “What could I have done better? Oh the guilt! Don’t get me wrong, I am always elated for any child’s success in this journey, but it can be very hard to swallow at times-making you feel like a failure.” Looking at ways to help your child is important for both of you.  Remembering that the conditions is different for each individual mean that the treatment needs to be tailored to. A person centred care plan, which can be completely tailored to the individual strengths is perfect in this situation.

It’s important to know that help is out there, for both sufferers and parents. Next week we shall look at how Autism affects children hitting puberty.

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