We like to think we do a good job. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what some of our service users families have to say about us…

“Freedom Care has benefited our son and our whole family. He is very happy and settled. His care is what he wants and needs, not what is easy. We wish Freedom care had been open when he was younger. It has made a tremendous difference to his life. He’s tried the rest now he’s got the best! ” Mr & Mrs C

“Freedom care do a wonderful job, It’s the best placement my son has ever had, Freedom care have done everything possible to help and support him and our family. It’s a fantastic service which benefits everyone” Mr B

“It has taken our family many years to find a good care home, having applied and been to over three homes it was a great relief for us as a family and our son to find an understanding, small and home like environment as opposed to an institutional care home. Freedom Care are understanding and confident enough to face unknown challenges, we feel the personal atmosphere provided by Freedom care is what makes it an excellent service. The management of the home is highly interactive with us on personal developments and we as a family feel our sun is rising and all of our lives are now so much brighter. After the many years of battle with the various systems in place our minds can rest at ease knowing our son is in good care.” Mr & Mrs F

“The house is always very clean, bright and welcoming, and we feel comfortable visiting. We appreciate the calm the house radiates, the quality and dedication of the staff at Freedom Care is far better than anywhere else previously experienced. Our daughter is given guidance and encouragement when needed, unlimited time to talk to staff when she needs it, and she is judged fairly when she displays behaviours. There is always someone for us to talk to at the end of the phone to discuss matters or to bounce ideas. Our daughter is moving forward much more positively within Freedom Care than with any other previous placement. We are very pleased with her progress” Mr & Mrs D

“I would like to say thank you for the things you said at the meeting. Over the years we have learnt to hate reviews as they have been very negative, and there has been no relationship between us and the care providers. After leaving the review the other day we both left on such a high. We know our son is safe, happy, well cared for and with people who don’t treat him as an inconvenience. Also we know that when you say you will do something it gets done. We really do feel that if there are any concerns we can all talk freely and honestly to each other. This has had a big impact on our lives as well as our sons’. He has grown up and matured such a lot in the short space of time he has been with you. So a very big thank you to all of you.” Mr & Mrs C

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Keep up to date with Freedom Care,
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