At Freedom Care we found the following story inspirational and heartening. It was reported on the BBC “Ouch” blog entitled “The year I lost my limbs was the most brilliant of my life”. It features a pub owner called Alex Lewis, who became ill with a streptococcal infection (type A). He was rushed into hospital in Winchester in November 2013. The infection had penetrated deep into his tissues and organs, and triggered sepsis – blood poisoning – a life-threatening condition that causes multiple organ failure.

Lewis’s infected limbs were starting to poison his body and, as soon as he was off life support, he was told he would have to have his left arm amputated above the elbow. However, this proved not to be enough to stop the infection spreading, as his damaged legs were beginning to poison his body. He therefore had to have two further operations to amputate first one leg, then the other, leaving him with just one limb – his right arm. This had been damaged too, but doctors operated for 17 1/2 hours to rebuild it. However, unfortunately it was not strong enough and also had to be amputated. Lewis has now chosen to use prosthetic arms and currently uses ones with hooks.

Despite all this happening to him, Lewis has remained positive and even says that he feels happier now than before his illness. Many would find it hard to believe, but he says that great things have come of it. “It’s made me think differently about being a dad, a partner, a human being,” he says, and a new charity set up in his name has given him a huge impetus to help others.

This amazing story is totally in line with our heartfelt passion at Freedom Care: “A posse ad esse” – “From possibility to actuality”.  Our desire is to see every individual develop to their full potential, no matter what their complex health needs.  Even if an individual has physical or mental health needs, with appropriate specialist care services – supplemented by help and support from family and friends – they can be free to be who they are intended to be.

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