At Freedom Care, as primary care specialists, we put the individual at the heart of our high quality care system, providing flexible support to residents.  The friendly service we provide promotes an assisting role rather than “do for” attitude, this approach enables us to instill confidence, develop skills and encourage the individual to be more motivated towards a meaningful lifestyle.  We encourage and assist individuals to access community amenities like libraries etc, which allows and promotes clients to pursue hobbies and interest, we can also help the to identify education course and build on their life skills.

With both Aspergers syndrome and Autism, one of the possible features is the difficulty in accepting changes in routine.  This is why at Freedom Care we work hard to create person centered care plans and timetables, each building on an individual’s strengths and needs while giving them a structured routine.

We believe our homes are your home and with a maximum of three residents in each house, we can provide a more homely setting, enhancing the feeling of family life.

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Keep up to date with Freedom Care,
through our social media links too...