Here at Freedom Care, specialist care services, we understand that living with ADHD can be difficult for both the sufferer and those who care for them, but perhaps more so in children.  Finding alternative ways help child sufferers can often provide the necessary help that the parent or carer needs to undertake simple tasks.

A recent study has shown that children between the ages of 7 to 17 who suffer from Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder have shown huge improvements in dealing with the condition while being exposed to certain types of music.

The results showed that the children who listened to a three 40 minute sessions of classical music a week allowed them to focus more on tasks while they listened.  70% of these children  continued to show signs of improvement from regular musical stimulation up to 6 months later, this was due to their brain waves moving at a higher level.

Listening to music not only has advantages but playing a musical instrument also indicates similar benefits.  Further research has shown that playing an instrument can help us focus our minds and improve our ability to interact with our surroundings.

Alexander Khalil head of the Gamelan Project, funded by the National Science Foundation said that “By learning music, one of the things you learn is rhythm and how to be aware of the temporal dynamic of the world around you and how to keep your attention focused on all of these things while you do what you do”. Further research is still under way to see what other benefits music can have on children and adults with ADHD.

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