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Ashton King is a very special little boy. Ashton has cerebral palsy and is currently confined to a wheelchair. A number of years ago, Freedom Care bought him a specially adapted go kart which he was able to use both at school and at home. At the moment, he currently needs a new lightweight wheelchair, parallel bars for practicing walking, a gym mat for physio, and a set of horse riding equipment. So here at Freedom Care we’ve made a pledge to raise as much money as possible for Ashton over the next 12 months and we’d like your help!

Ashton’s story from his nearest and dearest…

Ashton was born after a normal pregnancy and birth in 2005. After going home we noticed his little hands twitching and took him to the GP. They thought he might be dehydrated and sent us to A&E where Ashton was rushed away – turns out the twitching was actually a seizure!

After an ultrasound on the soft spot on his head they found lots of unexpected damage to Ashton’s little brain. We were devastated and our hearts broke. Tests confirmed Ashton’s brain didn’t form properly and he had suffered a huge bleed when I was between 34 and 36 weeks pregnant. We were sent away with our precious son with no idea what the future held. As Ashton grew, we noticed the tightness increasing in his legs and right arm but he battled through it the best he could.

When Ashton turned 1 he fell out of a chair and we ended up in hospital again as the knock to his head caused another seizure, but out of that we were allocated physio and occupational therapy which helped with equipment and streches to ease the tightness. When Ashton was 18 months, old he had another seizure which ended up with him on a ventilator in intensive care. He was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy which cause him to have seizures in the night that dont stop on their own. He requires sedating every time; ever since that day his dad and I take turns to check him every 20 mins through the night so we catch them quickly. This meant I had to give up my career to care for him.

Ashton has recently had major surgery on his spine called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) that has released the spasticity in his legs. He now has to do 4 hours of physio a day to strengthen his legs so hopefully he will be able to take his first steps on his own (our dream).

Ashton, born July 2005 has 2 sisters, Ivy (6 months) and Ebony (9 years) and his brother Lawrance who’s 4. Ashton attends Lantern Lane primary and is super popular; probably due to his wicked sense of humour! He loves to laugh at nearly anything and makes everyone smile. Ashton is a very determined little boy who is a joy to be around.

His determination is illustrated by his ultimate dream, he loves to pony ride and dreams of being a show jumper. His favourite toys are Nerf guns and his bear “Bob”. Ashton has a great support network around him including his parents, his best friend, Eleanor and he loves his auntie neat neat who is his favourite person in the world!

If you would like to get involved and help Ashton on his way to a manageable life please head over to our donation page here. We’re trying to raise £4000 for Ashton and would appreciate all the help we can get…. So what are you waiting for? Donate today!

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