Apologies for bringing up a sombre topic this week. There has been much recent press attention given to a horrific murder purportedly committed at a hostel in Wales by Matthew Williams, an individual with mental health issues. The hostel is used by the local council to place single homeless men, and Williams was staying there after being released from prison.

The hostel owner has been quoted as saying she knew nothing about Williams’ background, and that information is often not shared due to data protection. Meanwhile, the mother of Matthew Williams claims that her son had been receiving medication in prison to control his paranoid schizophrenia but was unable to access this outside of prison.

The case has resulted in calls being made for changes to the monitoring of prisoners after release, and a serious further offence review will also take place to see if lessons can be learned from the case.

Whilst we cannot presume to comment on the specifics of a high profile case such as this, as a provider of step down services, we feel it important to provide reassurance to those who have concerns after case like this. We featured our step down services in a recent blog and wanted to reiterate three particular aspects today.

When expecting a new resident from a secure unit, we liaise closely with the unit that they are coming from to ensure that we fully understand the complex health needs of the individual and the different types of care and treatment that they have been receiving. This liaison continues as needed once the individual has arrived at Freedom Care.

We provide not only a roof over their head but specialist care homes including a range of therapies and psychiatry services for individuals with some kind of mental illness or personality disorder that may make them some level of risk to others.

We incorporate socialisation into the local community as part of our person centered care. Our emphasis is on “doing with” rather than “doing for” the individual. We also encourage independence and responsibility in each individual by involving them with the planning and delivery of the care that they need. We also encourage individuals to personalise their own room for as long as they remain with us, and to be a part of any decision-making process relating to the decor of, and activities in, the communal areas of the home.

For further details of the step down services we provide at Freedom Care, do get in touch with us today!

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