One of the specialist care services we provide at Freedom Care is assistance with personality disorders. In the UK 1 in 20 people suffer from a personality disorder, however many people have only mild conditions so only need help at times of stress.

Our services for mental health cover a number of areas, one of which is personality disorders as well as the provision of treatment centres for borderline personality disorders.

Personality disorders are conditions in which an individual differs significantly from an average person, in terms of how they think, perceive, feel or relate to others.

So just how common are the different types of personality disorder? Well, mild personality disorders that do not seriously interfere with a person’s ability to function socially are common. Severe disorders are rare and affect less than 2% of the population.

In a survey of 8,000 people chosen at random in the UK, the most common personality disorders (PDs) were:

  • Obsessive compulsive PD, found in around 2% of people

  • Schizoid PD

  • Avoidant PD

  • Paranoid PD

  • Borderline PD

  • Anti-social personality disorder, found in less than 1% of people

Some people with mild to moderate personality disorders seek treatment. People with more severe personality disorders, especially borderline and antisocial PD, may be more likely to come into contact with medical services due to the consequences of their behaviour, even though they are reluctant to seek treatment. This could be because they may not think there is anything wrong with them, or because they fear contact with health professionals.

As a primary care specialist for suffers of personality disorders we are only a phone call away if you would like to talk to us about this, or any other subject, further.

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