In a previous news article we have introduced you to different types of personality disorders to enable to you to gain a greater understanding of the types of complex health needs our service can help with. After looking at borderline personality disorder in a previous article, this month we are going to look at obsessive compulsive personality disorders.

Individuals who suffer from this condition often try to control their environment and become anxious about issues the appear out of control or “messy”.  Symptoms OCPD include:

  • Having an extreme interest in lists, timetables and rules

  • Overly concerned with completing a task perfectly resulting in problems completing it (perfectionism)

  • Having workaholic tendencies

  • Having very rigid views about issues such as morality, ethics and how a person should behave in daily life

  • Hoarding items that seem to have no monetary or sentimental value

  • Being unable to delegate tasks to other people

  • Disliking spending money, as they think it is always better to save for a ‘rainy day’

OCPD should not be confused with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) as they differ in several ways including:

  • People with OCD are aware their behaviour is abnormal and are anxious about it. While in contrast many people with OCPD think their behaviour is acceptable and have no desire to change it.

  • Some people with OCD are compelled to carry out rituals, such as having to turn a light on and off 3 times before bed. This is not usually the case with people with obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

  • People with OCD may feel compelled to make lists or organise items in their house but feel anxious about doing so, whereas individuals with OCPD find relief from anxiety when making list etc and may become irritated if prevented from doing such tasks.

As a primary care specialist for suffers of personality disorders we are only a phone call away if you would like to talk to us about this, or any other subject, further.

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