Freedom Care offer a specialist care service, providing residential care to individuals who suffer from a range of personality disorders. These types of disorders refer to patterns in thoughts, feelings and indeed behaviours that make us individually unique. This week we would like to draw your attention to Schizoid Personality Disorder or SPD.

Individuals who suffers from SPD usually seem uninterested in forming relationships, whether that be with other people or family members. They often prefer to spend time by themselves rather than with other people, and can be emotionally cold towards people. In adverse circumstances or important moments in life they may react passively, giving the impression that they are emotionless or uncaring.

Individuals with SPD find it not only extremely difficult to maintain friendships and date infrequently, their  lack of social skills makes it difficult for them to maintain employment, where personal interaction is required. However roles that required an individual to work in isolation, would be more suited to them.

As a primary care specialist for sufferers of personality disorders we can offer a person centered care approach to all of our residents. This enables each person to build on their strengths and needs while offers structure. If you are an individual or indeed a family with complex needs, please feel free to contact us here for more information.

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