Personality Disorders - Services for Mental HealthMental health care can cover a variety of different symptoms and disorders. From Aspergers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, but it can also be a term used to describe a number of other  personality disorders.  A personality disorder refers to a way in which a person thinks, feels, perceives and relates to other individuals.

The very nature of these types of disorders means that sufferers with these types of complex health needs may have a distorted belief system.  This can not only be extremely distressing for family or friends but can also lead to problems with initiating and maintaining close relationships with everyone, from carers to even family.

The emotional complexities that surround sufferers means that relatively normal feelings seem magnified. With an overwhelming feeling of distress, anxiety or anger being very common symptoms.  It’s with the right support and treatment that these complex mental health issues can be helped; here at Freedom Care that’s exactly what we do with our person centred care plans.

The idea is to put the resident at the heart of their care, allowing them to have control over their lives in a supported environment.  With the team’s support, residents are encouraged to build on their skills through activities centered around their individual abilities while taking on board their own interests.

As a specialist care services provider, we believe this approach results in an environment with more of a family feel. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us here.

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