With most illnesses or disorders it’s sometimes too easy to focus on the negative impacts it has on the individual and their families, especially with a disorder like Autism where symptoms can not only affect the individual with Autism but everyone that surrounds them. Here at Freedom Care we believe it’s important to move away from negativity and focus more on the positive.

The very nature of Autism means that an individual suffering from this type of complex health need can actually have some positive factors.  Sufferers have an good sense of fairness and are clear with their communication, alleviating any hidden agenda. They like precision and accuracy when completing tasks and usually have an excellent memory allowing them to remember details that others may forget.



By concentrating on an individual’s skills, building on those skills in a safe environment, and providing predictability and structure, we can help sufferers establish a more “normal” way of life.

Freedom Care offers quality health care for individuals suffering from mental health disorders like Autism and Aspergers. Our specialist care homes allow our residents to take part in activities that suit their own interests and abilities. For more information on how we can help a loved one, please contact us here.

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