Quality health care for individuals (children and adults) with complex health needs is vital in providing a safe environment that allows individuals to take part in activities that are suited to their ability and interests.  But with so many residential care homes available how do you know what is best for you and your family?  Here at Freedom Care we feel there is a certain criteria that an individual should look for when deciding upon a residential home for a loved one, which include:

  • Person centred care – This should be at the heart of any high quality residential home, ensuring that the clients needs and strengths form the basis of timetables and care plans.  the aim should be to instil confidence in the client and help them to develop skills in which they can use to live a meaningful life.

  • Management & Staff – Both should have a “live and breathe” ethic towards person centered care, ensuring all clients have a maximum choice.

  • Access to Information – Clients should be able to access all information and advice they need to make decisions at all times.

  • Involvement in running of the Service. – Management must involve the clients in any decision about the running of the home and hold meetings to allow clients to voice opinions.

  • Hygienic Premises – High quality care homes should be clean and maintained to a good standard, while ensuring that hygiene is a high priority to reduce possible infections.

For more information on how we, at Freedom Care can help you please contact us here.   We believe our homes are your home and with a maximum of three residents in each house, we can provide a more homely setting, enhancing the feeling of family life.

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