Meet the staff

We have a diverse and varied staff team who have a wealth of experience and skills and have been recruited from a wide range of settings.

Ash Walker

Asha Williamson

Bracken Kinch

Breda Fitzgerald

Carl Mcpherson

Carole Smith

Catherine Mwangi

Chantel Barley

Constantin Oprica

Craig Jordon

David Kline

Deborah Howard

Emma Markie

Flora Caous

Haidee Westerman

Ian hubbard

James Punch

Jason Goodenough

Jason Kinch

Jim Mooney

Joseph Kinch

Kat Goodenough

Katie Griffiths

Kay Burrows

Keely Wilson

Kim Aucott

Kyle Durrance

Larry Brown

Leah Wilson

Lemmy Robinson

Leonie Hickling

Lisa Lyman

Lynda Frearson

Rachel Felix

Robyn James

Samuel Njoroge

Shaun Gardner

Sherri Wellingon

Shirley Mills

Ste Hardy

Steph Baker

Our Brochure

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Keep up to date with Freedom Care
through our social media links too...


Keep up to date with Freedom Care,
through our social media links too...