The very nature of aspergers syndrome makes it difficult to maintain jobs and relationships, which is why here at Freedom Care we like to highlight success stories to show that actually with a good understanding of complex health needs like aspergers both of these things are achievable.

47 year old Sienna had difficult childhood, finding school challenging with teachers punishing her for what they thought was laziness.  After being fired from a cashier job, where classic symptoms of aspergers resulted in stress, Sienna enrolled onto a college course.  Unfortunately, the consequence of the social and mental strain meant she needed to have a year off before returning to a different university to carry on the course.  Changing environments made no difference as she still struggled with the same issues as previous.

Sienna later married and had children and after 10 years decided to go back to college part-time. She qualified in counselling psychology.  After working as a teacher tutoring a young girl with aspergers, she recognised she the same characteristics, by this point Sienna had researched ASD’s and started to realise this was what she had been suffering from. After several roles within school teaching she decided to leave the education sector and set up on her own.

Understanding aspergers has enable Sienna to focus on her strengths.  She now works from home marketing holiday packages, working from a computer and speaking to clients and suppliers over the phone.  Sienna’s drive and determination is commendable, but the story also outlines the importance of understanding the syndrome, as its only by understanding something can we hope to overcome it.

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