That time is almost upon us, with people buying gifts for those near and far. It can be difficult finding a gift that is exactly right and sometimes we can make things too complicated! The old song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ paints a very different picture from the materialistic world we live in today. The treasured gifts comprised mostly animals and people; the only item vaguely similar to our materialistic world today is the five gold rings! The other interesting aspect is that the animals and people in the song are all undertaking useful roles. Roles that they are designed to do, that in some way help others.

At Freedom Care we appreciate that Christmas can be a very difficult time for those with complex health needs and their families. But we are privileged to continue our role of providing person-centered care in our specialist care homes throughout the festive season.

As it’s a time of reflection we’ve borrowed the Twelve Days of Christmas theme to think of something unique about Freedom Care that we can all be grateful for at this time! In no particular order:

Day 1:    The Freedom Care dog Bracken Kinch!

Day 2:     Our inspirational founder Joseph Kinch

Day 3:     Our brilliant manager David Kline

Day 4:     The rest of our lovely staff at Freedom Care

Day 5:    Our gorgeous new Sensory Room

Day 6:    The latest of our hostels – The Chantry

Day 7:    Our other wonderful locations

Day 8:    The great news about Ashton’s new chair!


Day 10:    We offer career opportunities to the right people

Day 11:    The humbling testimonials about us!

Day 12:    Last but not least all our lovely service users at Freedom Care! All the above is for you!

At Freedom Care we want to give to others not just at Christmas, but every day of the year. Each member of our team is effectively doing a role to Christmas giftwhich they are suited – some would say destined! Browse through our website to read more of the exceptional person-centred care that we offer. May the peace of the season be with you!


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