Family - quality health careHere at Freedom Care as a specialist in mental health care we appreciate the difficulties in understanding some of the terminology used, this week we thought we would look at what’s known as the ‘Wraparound process’.  Developed in the 1980’s as an aid to help children and teens suffering from complex health needs to help deal with behaviour both at home and in the community.

The process involves creating a person centred care plan in which family members or other support providers can work with.  The plan typically includes formal services and intervention techniques along with community services and support provided by their family.  The plan can be frequently checked in order to measure whether the individual is meeting the outlined targets, this can then be adapted and revised if they are not being achieved.

This process, usually facilitated by a trained professional is designed to be culturally competent and based around the individuals strengths.  It also takes into account family members own needs and goals.  This type of approach can be extremely beneficial to a families with complex health needs as it strengthens them as a support network.  Research over the years has shown that individual with mental health issues are much more likely to live a more meaningful life if they have the support of their families.

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