Carrying on from last week’s article about personality disorders, this week we thought we would touch on some of the therapies used in conjunction with these types of disorders. For most individuals these types of complex health needs, some kind of psychological therapy will be required.  Depending on the complexity of the problem, therapy can typically last six months.  The aim of this is to help the sufferer deal with their emotions and thoughts on a more consistent level.  Depending upon the therapy, some will concentrate on more dysfunctional thought patterns while other will focus on looking more into how an individual’s mind works.

Therapies for personality disorders - Services For Mental Health

The important element to remember is that all psychological therapies should be performed by a trained professional who has experience with the particular illness.  Attitudes and behaviours can be altered, and also strategies can be devised such as coping mechanisms for problems that may arise.

Fundamentally there are three types of psychological therapies

  1. Psychodynamic (reflective) psychotherapy.  This works on the basis that the sufferer and psychologist explore childhood experiences that have caused negative patterns of behaviour, thinking and belief.  The overall aim of exploring these patterns is to find out how and why they arose.

  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy.  This works by changing the way in which a sufferer responds to a situation, through cognitive development.  This has been particularly successful with regards to borderline personality disorders .

  3. Interpersonal therapy.   Tieing in with the theory that the outside world and relationships have an effect on an individual’s mental health, during this therapy negative issues are explored and discussions on how these can be resolved are identified.

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