Here at Freedom Care, we understand the difficulties in supporting someone who needs mental health care, which is why for the next few weeks we thought we would share with you some ways in which you can support a loved one:

Research the Illness – One of the best ways to support a loved one is to know about the illness they suffer from.  There are numerous places to gain information on illness; certain publications and medical professional bodies can all provide great information. Perhaps one of the best sources is the internet where there is a bounty of websites that provide everything from coping mechanisms to alternative accommodation.

Recovery Expectations – Having unrealistic expectations with regards to your loved one’s recovery can severely impact their progress.  This can be difficult as most mental health problems can change from day to day, this means your expectations need to evolve and change depending on the trajectory of the person’s illness. This could be on a week by week basis or even hour by hour.

Ask for Support – Extra support can mean such a difference for the well being of the entire family not just the sufferer. Freedom care provides  person centered care approach to all of our residents, enabling each person to build on their strengths and needs while offering structure.

Get Involved – It’s important for you to be involved in your loved one’s treatment so that you can aid them in their recovery. Especially as there may be things that you can do to help the sufferer.


If you are an individual or indeed a family with complex needs, please feel free to contact us here for more information.


SOURCES: http://psychcentral.com/lib/15-ways-to-support-a-loved-one-with-serious-mental-illness/0007039

*Image courtesy of rogiro, Flickr

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