1601 N Turner St. Suite 420, Hobbs, NM 88240

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Office Information:

Freedom Care is conveniently located in the Don Garey Tower, the tallest building in Hobbs, New Mexico. Our office address is:

Freedom Care
Don Garey Tower
1601 North Turner Street
4th Floor - Suite 420
Hobbs, NM 88240

Our office is in a multi-story, multi-tenant, professional office building that provides our patients with discreet and private access to our building. If a patient walks into an abortion clinic that is located in a stand-alone building, then any outside observer who sees the patient walking into that building will know that she must be going to the abortion clinic. That is not the case in our building; a person entering our building could be visiting any one of many businesses.

We are only one of more than 30 tenants in this building, including other medical practices, legal practices, several employment agencies, advertising agencies, a social services agency, and even a nail salon on the first floor. Therefore, people entering our building could be going to any one of these businesses. A young person entering our building might be going to get her nails done. Many young people do. There is simply no way for an outside observer to know; making entering our building much more private and discreet than entering into an abortion clinic located in a stand-alone building.

Traveling to our office

Driving Directions from Texas

We are the closest abortion provider to Texas being only 5 miles from the Texas state line. This makes it convenient to drive to Hobbs. From most of Texas, a patient can make a day-trip out of the trip. This means you can hop in your car in the morning, drive to Hobbs, be seen, leave, drive home, and be home that night. No planes. No hotels. This can easily be done from West Texas (Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso) and Mid-Texas (e.g. Dallas-Ft Worth, Austin, Waco, San Antonio). From East Texas (e.g. Houston, Corpus Christi) it is a longer drive, but can still be done. Here are basic driving directions:

    From El Paso, Texas via US-62E
    From Lubbock, Texas Via US-62W
    From Amarillo, Texas via I-27S and US-62W
    From Dallas, Texas via I-20 W and US-180 W
    From Fort Worth, Texas via I-20 W and US-180 W
    From Austin, Texas via State Hwy 71 W and US-87 N
    From Houston, Texas via TX-36 N
    From San Antonio, Texas via I-10 W and US-87 N

Air Travel

Hobbs is also located just minutes from Lea County Regional Airport making air travel convenient for those traveling from farther distances. There are daily, non-stop flights from Houston to Hobbs. The flight time is just over one-hour (wheels up to wheels down). This makes air travel to Hobbs from Houston particularly convenient.

Travel Within Hobbs.

Once in Hobbs, our office is located on Turner Street which is one of the main roads in town, making our office easily accessible by car. Alternatively, you can use public transportation to get to our office from within Hobbs by using the local bus service via the Purple or Orange Route.