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Please Note: Funding for Abortion Care and/or Travel for Abortion May Be Available

Abortion Fees:

    Fee for Abortion up to 11.0 weeks (nonsurgical or surgical) $725
    Fee for Abortion between 11.1-12.6 Weeks (nonsurgical or surgical) $795
    Fee for Abortion 13.0 - 13.6 Weeks $845
    Fee for Abortion 14.0 - 14.6 Weeks $895

Discounts (1 discount per patient)

    Medicaid Discount for patients with Medicaid from any state $40
    Travel discount for any patient travels more than 300 miles $40
    Unaccompanied Minor Discount (under 18 without an adult over 21) $40

Free Services (included with Abortion Fee)

    1-week follow-up phone call Free
    Emergency Visit Fee Free

Additional Options For Your Abortion Care

    Depo-Provera Injection at the time of Abortion $125
    Twilight Sleep (Conscious Sedation) Fee $95
    Counseling & Consents for Friend/Family Accompaniment $125
    Abortion Doula Services $125
    Fast-Track Care $250+Abortion

Our Fast Track Care expedited appointments include the following:

  • Available only to nonsurgical patients under 12.6 or surgical under 11.0 weeks gestation.
  • A staff member will be assigned to ensure the appointment is streamlined.
  • Quality, compassionate, and sensitive abortion care and health education.
  • Approximately 2 hours total appointment time in our clinic.
  • Note: We do our best to ensure that your total appointment time does not exceed 2 hours. However, sometimes complications can lead to unexpected delays. While we do value your time, our priority is to provide you with the best quality care that you need.

    Private Abortion $750 + Abortion

    Expedited service & greater anonymity
  • This option is only available to patients under 12.6 weeks gestational age.
  • Appointments will be scheduled for the beginning of the day.
  • Access to private employee entrance and exit to the Office Suite.
  • Designated, personal staff member assigned to coordinate your care.
  • A streamlined, fast-tracked, process.
  • No waiting in the waiting room with other patients.
  • Private Room for all your care. You stay in your room and the staff come to you for everything (lab, ultrasound, counseling, procedure, recovery).
  • Separate and away from other patients.
  • Friends & Family welcome (limit of 2, and only with consent and counseling).
  • Beverages and snacks served, if medically approved.
  • $750 + the cost of the abortion procedure.
  • A $750 non-refundable Administrative Fee due 2 business days before the appointment.
  • Gyn/Follow-Up Services

    Fee for consultation with the clinician $ 95